I am an EMMY®-nominated filmmaker specializing in directing and editing cinematic-style branded and unbranded documentary, doc series and commercial projects.



I specialize in “cinematic realism.” It’s a style of shooting with an aesthetically pleasing approach, yet it’s loose and honest. Even so, each frame is composed as a stunning photograph on it’s own.

However, character deserves as much emphasis as does framing and lighting. These elements all go into capturing the small, unrehearsed, truthful moments that radiate straight to the viewer.

As a filmmaker, I relish the chance to see a project through post. I firmly believe the edit is the final rewrite; it’s where the true arc of the narrative is perfected. I work hard to achieve a well-paced cut that perfectly balances story, visuals, voice over, and music whether I’m editing or collaborating with an editor.


AIGA Award
ABA Bank Marketing Video Award
EMMY® Award
Telly Award
ADDY Award

My directorial process and why there is no "E" on the end of Fridg.