Cost Cutters


Relaxing in a salon chair with the confidence you are getting a hip and on-trend hairstyle from someone you trust shouldn’t be impossible to come by. And it shouldn’t empty your wallet either. At least that’s what we think.

Whether it’s a big presentation, trying to catch that cute girl’s eye, or just feeling refreshed amidst a taxing routine, we imagine a TV spot that beautifully asks viewers to come sit in a Cost Cutters Salon chair, maybe for the first time. They won’t be disappointed. Because when you have a bold, fresh new hair style, you can do just about anything.

Cinematic style mixed with moving music, high quality voice over, and a message that inspires, our “Empowerment” spot will help viewers break down barriers in their mind and light the path to their nearest Cost Cutters.

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Here are some relevant work samples. We specialize in this style of shooting: “cinematic realism.” It’s a loose yet aesthetically pleasing approach, where every single frame can function as a stunning photograph. It means deeper, more emotional storytelling.

CFS Bank

Directed by Matthew Fridg, this TV spot focuses on the locally made aspect of this regional bank.

Chatham Relationships

This ad for Chatham University looks at the relationship formed between student and professor that are key to success. Directed by Matthew Fridg.

Electrifying Classic Cars

This short documentary, written and directed by Matthew Fridg for Facebook, profiles an out of the box thinker making waves in San Diego.

She’s Your Future

Shot and directed by Matthew Fridg, this STEM conference opener is an anthemic film that illustrates the power of women in STEM careers.

First Commonwealth Bank

This fun TV spot directed by Matthew Fridg displays the mobile banking features aimed at millennial smart phone users.

Pursue Your Happiness

This web ad directed by Matthew Fridg for the EMMY®-nominated Pennsylvania tourism campaign beautifully profiles an ice cream maker in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Story of Coleman Spohn

Lensed by DP John Pope, this ad builds on the award winning series of testimonials written and directed by Matthew Fridg for First Commonwealth Bank.



Matt is a collaborative director who will raise the bar on any production, and is whole-heartedly recommended.
— Mike Hennessey, Director of Programming
Matt takes the needs of others very personally. His drive isn’t just to do a job, his drive is to help make the dreams of others materialize. It’s a real gift.
— Jeffrey Tobin, CEO
Matt’s directing skills have been a very valuable asset, in particular with a spot featuring a rather complicated product we are releasing into market. He was able to translate the intricacies of the product very well and help our sales team member featured in the video to deliver a clear and concise message. I’m very grateful to be a partner with Matt!
— Larissa Murphy, Marketing Director


Matthew Fridg