She’s Your Future


About eight years ago I was asked to create a conference opening film for the STEM Summit in Pittsburgh and I came up with the concept of following a young woman from school to the c-suite. I am proud that the client believed in me and the concept of depicting a strong, successful female winning in business.

The day of the shoot our young actress cancelled and we had to replace her last minute with our awesome PA. My wife raced in with wardrobe and Rebecca filled in perfectly. 

To the disbelief of some, I actually shot and edited this short. It was my first time shooting with the Canon 5D MkII and despite the complete overuse of Magic Bullet Looks, I really like how it turned out. I remember that @ianmomyer had to burn the SD cards to DVDs because my Mac didn’t have a card reader at that time (FCP 6, baby). Man, have things gotten much simpler-ish. I miss shooting but have had the opportunity to work with DPs that are so amazing they make me feel like an idiot for ever touching a camera.