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Paralyzed Racer

Mario Bonfante, Jr. is the definition of driven. He’s a racer, driving his car at toupee dislodging speeds. Weaving in and out of the other cars, he takes some serious risks. All this with paralyzed hands and legs.

A professional racer on his way to a big sponsorship, Mario became wheelchair bound after a bad motocross wreck. He hardly remembers the crash but his dad does and still can barely talk about it. But that hasn’t stopped Mario. He has created a steering device that houses all the controls for his race car: throttle, brake, shifter, and of course, steering. Now he can control his race car expertly without needing to use his fingers. But when he started building it, he never imagined others would want one too.

Now Mario is working to get back on the professional racing circuit and bring his steering device to the market so other paralyzed racers can enjoy the thrill and freedom of racing.


Paralyzed Racer