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Special Needs Amusement Park

Gordon Hartman is the #1 dad. When he couldn’t find an amusement park that could accommodate his daughter with special needs, he built one. Morgan’s Wonderland is an ultra-inclusive amusement park built out of a deep love for people with special needs. Gordon extensively consulted with the special needs community, doctors, therapists and families to find out exactly what inclusivity looks like. Then he set out to build a small park. But, the ideas kept coming and the park kept growing.

Now, Morgan’s Wonderland is not only place with a Ferris Wheel, Carousel, and massive play areas, but it has a waterpark built for people with special needs. It has a warm water area, no standing water and completely submersible powered wheelchairs for guests to use. And the best part, no one with special needs pays to get in, ever. But it’s about more.

It was important to Gordon that it not only be the perfect place for someone with special needs, but also a place their family could enjoy with them. Morgan’s Wonderland is a place where siblings and grandparents and even children of adults with special needs can all go and play with no judgement and complete inclusivity.


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